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Servo Base

MSSB-0720 Direct Drive Servo Base; It reflects the overall response of the vehicle and all track conditions, along with realistic steering feedback.

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Steering Wheel

MSRW-0720 Metal Series Steering Wheel; aluminum adapter, metal shifters, plastic button box and 4 way servo and USB cable output.

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Button Box

MSBB-0720 Metal Series Button Box; aluminium and plastic buttons, 2 mm steel sheet body, static dye and hard glass top panel.

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Professional Pedal

MSP-0720 Professional Pedal; 2mm steel plate, static dye, stainless steel grating, chrome plated and steel pedals nickel plated.

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Hand Brake

MSHB-0720 Metal Series Hand Brake; aluminum arm, 100mm aluminum knob with real racing standards, suede leather upholstery, stainless steel top panel and 2 mm sheet metal body.

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Professional Gear

MSRS-0720 Professional Gear; aluminum gear lever, aluminum gear knob in same size and specifications as 100mm real racing gear knob, suet leather coating and stainless steel top panel.

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