About us

Technomost Software produces motion and static racing simulators, flight simulators, consoles for E-Racing (Cockpit, Racing Wheel, Pedal, Gear, Handbrake, Button Box, seat etc. products), as well as software for dynamic simulators and game equipment, Gpxsimracing one of the rare companies in this sector that develops games and simulations, the technology and software are wholly owned by gpx simracing.

Today, we carry out R&D studies so that the rapidly growing and developing products, known as E-Sports and E-Racing, designed for sports in the digital world, can give more functional and more realistic responses. In addition to the mechanical strength and functionality of our products, there is a unique software that allows you to receive feedback as if you are in a real race, this mechanical structure and fast feedback are the most important factors leading to success. Steel body, that provide  long-term use in our products, aluminum, steel, polyamide etc., which minimizes abration,  processed internal mechanical parts with materials and magnetic sensors that detect movement without the need for friction and pressure are used. In this way, both the feel and durability of a real racing car and smooth and fast data transfer are provided.

The most important feature of our products is that they make a difference to all their competitors in the price / performance curve and their accessibility is high, especially at the price point. In this way, our products are used by professional e-Athletes all over the world, as well as by amateur athletes and for entertainment/game purposes.

We continue on our way with the excitement and determination of the first day to improve our products and offer higher-level products with the advice and feedback from our dear users.

As the Technomost family, we would like to thank all our users and followers.


Our Products

  • Racing Pedals
  • Servo Base
  • Steering Wheel
  • Button Box
  • Profesional Pedals
  • Handbrake
  • Profesional Gear