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Hand Brake

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Product code: MSHB-0720
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MSHB-0720 Metal Series Hand Brake; aluminum arm, 100mm aluminum knob with real racing standards, suede leather upholstery, stainless steel top panel and 2 mm sheet metal body.

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  • Aluminum Arm
  • 100mm aluminum knob with real racing standards
  • Suede leather upholstery
  • Stainless steel top panel
  • 2 mm sheet metal body
  • Static paint
  • Aluminum and steel internal mechanism
  • Fast data transfer and compatibility with all computers thanks to the specially designed electronic card and 32-bit micro processor
  • Integrated software with plug/play feature compatible with all computers
  • Thanks to the G-HES Magnetic system, fast and smooth data transfer with 16-bit resolution and unlimited usage time (Potentiometer etc. load-bearing systems are not used.)
  • USB input suitable for all game consoles
  • 2 Years Unlimited Warranty (Product-related malfunction